Sunday, 19 June 2011


What do i want from this course?
First of all, probably is all about learning new things, during secondary school im always very happy when i got to design something for my friends,class, teacher and so on, and i feel its easy. However, when i really starting to understand and learn about design, only i figure out it is not simple as i though, there re many things i need to consider when im designing. I hope i could master the adobe skill, learn about how many compose things, and etc...

What do i want to be doing in 5,10,20 years time?
After my graduation,in my 5 years time i hope i can enter a company that i want and slowly strengthen my skills and develop my fame in the field of graphic design. However, maybe i will change several company to gain different experience from different working place environment. After 10 years time, i think i will just stay in a company that im already used to it or maybe thinking to start my own business or company. In 20 years time, i hope i could have my own company and have my own brand and products.

What i hope i can get in the class of history of art and design!
During the last semester, even though we were practicing many art and design skills but i don't really understand the history of those things, such as how it works that way, what is the painting about and so on. I hope i could learn something new in the class of history of art and design, such as the history of many kind of painting and some history of those artist which will be quite interesting to me.

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